Customer testimonials

  • Perfect service! Thanks a thousand times Kevin! The place par excellence for your cabinets, a visit will charm you.

    Geneviève Lussier
  • Hello, the whole is actually completed and to our full satisfaction.A warm welcome every time we showed up at the showroom.Excellent service advice and follow-up with our deisgner who has concocted us a vanity tailored to suit our needs perfectly. A nice listening. Frequent adjustments. A very large opening. Excellent management of the installation steps with customer service and Marie-France.Excellent installation service with the two experts who came to us. A very beautiful achievement from end to end, thank you infinitely. We will not hesitate to recommend Tendances-Concept to family and friends, that's for sure!

    M. et Mme Labrosse
  • Good evening Karine,I saw the kitchen assembled! It is beautiful, thank you! Not only the service was perfect, but all of your advice added made it perfect. Your employers can be proud of having people as committed to their company. Thank you again and I hope you will go to the living room! Best regards,

    Daniele Oppizzi
  • Hello Mr. Piché, I thank you for your message. We are fully satisfied with our doors and excellent after-sales service. Thank you for taking our case seriously. I will recommend your company to my friends! Have a good day,

    Marie-Pierre McMullen
  • Isabelle
  • Lise Gagné et Bernard Fournier
  • Hi Laurie, We would like to thank you for your efficiency and your reactivities throughout the study of this project. Tendance Concept can be pleased to have a collaborator like you and we the chance to have met you ...... ?? Very fast and again thank you for your availability. Sincerely Nath and Eric Lamouroux

    Nath et Eric Lamouroux
  • Hello Danielle, A big thank you for your follow-up customer service. Everything went well and the result is magnificent. The furniture of the sink a little big, given the space, but the lady is pleased because it has a lot of storage !! A big thank you for having accompanied us in our small project!

    Éric et Nancy
  • Hello Mrs Plante, I want to thank you for the effective follow-up that you have done regarding my old cabinet door hinges. Thanks also to your employee who walked through part of the city in the crowded streets of the snow storm to come and see what was not working. By the way, the new hinges you sent me by mail are perfect! I never imagined that a company could offer such after-sales service after 15 years, and with a smile! Once again, thank you!

    Michel Préville
  • Hello Mrs Plante, One word to say that I went to look for the new handle of my kitchen cabinet at Tendances Concept today to replace the one that was defective. Thank you for the prompt follow-up and the quality of your customer service. A satisfied customer,

    Sylvie Gagnon
  • A MENTION OF HONOR FOR OUR TURNKEY SERVICE!To the attention of Mr. Benjamin Véronneau.Here are our comments for this first day of construction, we have only good words. This David Constantineau is really at the height +++ hat! Beautiful presentation, calm, attentive, conscientious, thoughtful, qualified and we could add more.As good words for the carpenters Sylvain and Stéphane, they did excellent work, the site was clean and orderly. The politeness was at the appointment. Beautiful attitude, relaxed working climate while being productive.It was a great experience for us.The following should be similar knowing the objectives of the company.We would appreciate hearing from David and the employees mentioned.thank you and good evening.

    Colette Jean et Yves Duquette
  • Good morning, Ms. Lalande, I hope you are well. A little word to tell you that the kitchen is now over. We love our kitchen and are very satisfied. A big thank you to all those who allowed the realization of this beautiful project. We look forward to welcoming you to our new kitchen.

    Diane Poirier et Bernard Coat
  • Hello Caroline,   A word to tell you that everything has been installed and that everything is as desired: measurements, colors perfect hardware!   Thanks for the excellent support and good summer at all!   Looking forward to maybe re-working together in the future!

  • Hello Karine, We would like to thank you for all the work you have done during our renovation of our kitchen. It is a mandate that you have taken up with brilliance. Your professionalism has made this experience a success. You have been able to guide us, to inform us, to reassure us in our efforts. We do not regret having dealt with Tendances Concept and especially, we are privileged to have you as adviser. See you soon,

    Daniel Luneau et Lise Liboiron
  • Hello to you, I am a customer of Trends Concept. We had entrusted them with the development and construction of our kitchen about 5 years ago. At the end of the realization I can tell you that we were extremely happy and happy to have chosen this company. Once climbed we had only one word in mouth: WOWWWW !!! Their team has listened to us throughout the process. And it's a no-fault. If we have to mark them on 20 ... we would give them 21/20. But that's not all. Usually when we deal with a trader, once the contract is finished and delivered it happens very often that when a problem arises it is not always easy for the trader to admit an error and very often this requires negotiation, sometimes arduous, and time to reach an agreement. With Tendances Concept we had two problems, and without any discussion, a team had been sent very quickly to do the necessary and to resolve this situation. FOR US AFTER-SALES SERVICE IS ALSO IMPORTANT THAT THE SERVICE SELLS. And if there were any medals to be awarded for the after-sales services of the companies, we would hand them the "GOLD MEDAL" WITHOUT ANY HESITATION. Thank you Trends Concept for your beautiful and very serious work. You have to be an example that many traders should follow. ***** 5 stars Cordially

    Jacky Azoulay
  • Micheline Guerette.
  • Manon Bourdon Design
  • Colette et Richard Ouellet
  • Christine
  • Marie Carmen et Jacques Charpentier
  • Hi Melanie, Just a word to say without a counter, I am very happy with the result of my new kitchen. Daniel and I, we want to testify to the whole team at Tendances Concept Montreal, our gratitude for the work accomplished, from the design to the installation everything went perfectly. I know that our cuisine atypical to some challenges that you have met brilliantly. Congratulations! Thank you for listening and advice,

    Monique Nadeau
  • It was a pleasure to work with you. We felt listened and trusted from start to finish! The result is perfectly up to our expectations! For all this, congratulations and thank you! We are very happy to have done business with Tendance Concept and we would not hesitate to recommend your services. From project development to installation, the service was impeccable, reliable and transparent. Kuddos!

    Marc-André et Isabelle
  • Hello Nathalie, We would like to thank you and thank the entire Tendance Concept team for the excellent service you have given us until the end of the project. We also received the nice thank you gift you sent us. A very nice attention that made us very happy! Thank you very much! We will concoct some nice recipes thanks to that in our beautiful kitchen !!!

    Méliza Sigouin
  • Wendy & Daniel
  • Isabelle Pauzé